Construction & Engineering Division

Lekom Maras is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ratu Prabu Energy, Tbk. (ARTI)


Burhanudin Bur Maras started P.T. Lekom Maras in 1975 to provide services to the Indonesian oil and gas industry which was in its infancy at the time. Initially Lekom Maras primarily provided non-destructive testing and manpower services to support the development of various oil fields throughout the country. Over the years the company grew in both size and the range of services offered and today Lekom Maras is a major provider of services in support of the Indonesian Oil and Gas Industry.

P.T. Lekom Maras operated as a privately held compnay until 2008 when it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Ratu Prabu Energy, Tbk., which is publically traded on the Jakarta Stock Exchange under the symbol ARTI. The founder of Lekom Maras, Burhanudin Bur Maras, continues to serve as Chief Executive Officer of both Ratu Prabu Energy, Tbk. and P.T. Lekom Maras.

In addition to Oil & Gas Services Ratu Prabu Energy and Lekom Maras have significant operations in two additional areas: Oil & Gas and Minerals Exploration and Development, and Real Estate Development and Management.

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