Construction & Engineering Division

Lekom Maras is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ratu Prabu Energy, Tbk. (ARTI)



 PT. Lekom Maras is wholly committed to the prevention of all incidents, injuries, occupational illnesses to its employees, contractors and members of the public. PT. Lekom Maras is equally committed to the prevention of pollution, protection of the environment, conservation of the natural resources. Every employee is not only empowered but obligated to stop a job that places the health and safety of people and environment at risk.


Management and employee of PT. Lekom Maras are committed to:

- Maintaining an organizational culture that respects everyone’s individual contribution towards our goal of continuous improvement.

- Developing competence of employees as our greatest asset to achieving success.

- Training our employee with all the relevant procedures for health, safety and conservation of the environment.

- Identifying operational hazards and managing the risks to a level that ensures integrity of the operation, safety of people and environmental protection.

- Reducing unsafe behaviors by training the organizational in and promoting Hazard Intervention Card (HIC) & Behavior-Based-Safety programs.

- Working in a manner that prevents pollution & oil spills, reduces waste and promotes recycling to conserve resources.

- Ensuring integrity of company’s assets through professional operations and sound maintenance practices.

- Complying with all relevant health, safety & environmental legislation and other agreed requirement.

- Investigating of all incidents, near-misses and non-conformance identified during the work, the course of audits and inspections of the workplace.

- Continually improve HSE performance by fostering a positive HSE culture that recognizes individual contributions.


We are committed to the proactive management of health, safety and environment aspects throughout our integrated management system. This policy and the entire management system of PT. Lekom Maras will be regularly reviewed for suitability and effective implementation.