Construction & Engineering Division

Lekom Maras is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ratu Prabu Energy, Tbk. (ARTI)

Marine and ROV


The Marine Servives Division can provide clients a full range of both surface and sub-surface marine inspection and intervention capabilities. From routine pipeline inspections and video surveying programs to full sub-surface intervention support, Lekom Maras' experience marine team consistently provides innovative solutions to real-world requirements of Oil & Gas offshore operatuions. With full NDT and cathodic protection integrity verification capabilities the Lekom Maras marine division, as an entirely Indonesian-based provider, consistently provides one of the most cost-effective options for surface and sub-surface inspection and intervention requirements.

Our Inspection Class ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) can operate at depths of up to 1,000 meters and is equipped with fiber optic telemetry and specialized cameras. It can be fitted with a wide variety of manipulators, tools and sensors that may be required for specific operations. 

All personnel are fully trained and qualified to local and international standards.