Construction & Engineering Division

Lekom Maras is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ratu Prabu Energy, Tbk. (ARTI)


Hot-tapping services from P.T. Lekom Maras can help you save time and money by eliminating costly plant shut-downs when installing a new branch connection on a pipeline or plant piping. We have the trained and experienced personnel and specialized equipment to accomplish your hot-tapping needs safely and economically.

Lekom Maras has several hot-tapping machines which are capable of making taps from 1/2-inch to 36-inch. We have must cutter sizes in stock for these machines. We also have a wide range of adaptors of various diameters and pressure ratings in stock so we can mobilize quickly for almost any job requirement.

Lekom Maras trained and qualified staff can help you plan any hot-tapping job for maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Consult us before you start any hot-tap project.